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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Travel For Free - Why Bother? The road to Home Exchange.

A few of the people who have been following this blog have asked the question - why do you bother going through all this humbug just to get a free trip somewhere. It seems like hard work organizing a trip and being the point of first contact for 7, 8, 9 people and their questions about the trip. This is true. It isn't super easy. For me, I am a travel maven. For 15 years I have thought about little else except where I would travel to, how I would get there and what I would do there. For work I go through these exact questions on behalf of others creating product for a travel company. I eat, drink and sleep travel.

In the early days I would get a job, work for 8 months or so saving as much as possible, quit and then head off for 12 months or so. Once I learned the tricks I would get a job, work for 8 months or so saving as much as possible, not quit, head off for a month or so on a free trip and put the money saved in the bank.

On my travels I always on the look out for my own little Utopia in the world. A couple of years ago whilst on a trip through Central America, I found it. It is in virgin jungle, surrounded by timid families of monkeys and sitting above one of the best surf breaks in Central America. Designed by a British architect and built by skilled tradesmen - it is everything we hoped and dreamed of. Best of all, by Traveling for Free, we could pay cash for it from our travel money saved.

Now we a have a little haven to escape to, a place we can rent out to cover our costs and best of all a quality house we can use to swap with other people all over the world in the same situation for FREE! Check here to see our listing on the Home Exchange site and have a look around at some of the other properties that you can swap for. We happily have found a way to stay in some amazing homes, almost anywhere in the world for free.

It has been worth the bother.

Happy free travels.

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