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Friday, March 18, 2011

Tripalertz does it again with more ways to Travel for Free

Followers of this blog will have already cashed in on some of the previous ways that Tripalertz, the "Groupon of Travel" startup, have offered in the past. Unfortunately the $5 for each member signed up offer has now expired and it is back to $1 per sign up. Hopefully you have plenty of cash in the bank already to use when the perfect deal for you comes along.

All is not lost however if you want to get yourself travelling for free even quicker. Tripalertz also has a trip suggestion box where if your trip idea gets the most votes - you get to go on the trip for free! Here is how they describe it on their website:

"Submit a Trip Idea for a Chance to win a Free Trip.

Below are the best Trip Ideas submitted by the community.
  1. Vote on you favorite Trip Ideas by clicking 'I love it!'
  2. On July 1, 2011, the ideas with the most votes become deals on the site, so invite your friends and earn Trip Cash while you're at it!
  3. The person who submits the idea with the most votes travels for free.

You may only vote once for each idea. Happy Travels!"

All you need to do therefore is to sign up if you haven't already, submit your trip idea and then get all your friends to also sign up to vote for it. Get the most votes and you are travelling for Free! The current top vote scorer has 371 votes (as of 19 March) so if you have more friends than that on your Facebook - get on it. You also as a bonus still get $1 for everyone of those who sign up.

Get to Tripalertz by clicking here.

Happy Free Travels!

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